Simon Bolzern

Photography is my passion

Born 1965 in Lucerne, Switzerland

My photographic journey began at the age of 13, when I assisted my father, photographing flowers with a Nikon F3. We traveled extensively throughout Switzerland, and I also worked with a Mamiya RZ, as well as a Sinar professional camera. I was hooked on photography, and it became my life's passion.

After completing my apprenticeship in 1986, my father's interests turned to graphics, which gave me the opportunity to take over his photo studio.

In 1992, I started my own company: "Simon Bolzern Atelier für Fotografie."

Four years later, in 1996, I obtained the domain: "webefotografie.ch," which also became the new name of my company.

1999 was the year I bought my first Digitalback, a Phase One H5. From that moment on, I officially became a digital photographer, and had to buy a second Digitalback. Today, I work with a Phase One P65+. Over the years, I have trained quite a few apprentices, among them my twin daughters, who now run their own company: "bolzerntwins.com."

2011 brought on more changes, as I teamed up with Kim Sokola to form our current company: simon+kim werbefotografie.ch (Ltd.)